Key facts at a glance:

  1. The minimum age is 18.
  2. The character must be the gender you actually have.
  3. Real life comes first!
  4. Our respective crew must always be active. 

General rules:

  1. People are always honest and respectful within the MC!
  2. People do not attack each other or disturb others in what they are doing.
  3. You have respect for every stranger as long as there is no reason to do otherwise.
  4. Members of friendly MCs are treated just as well as full members of your own MC.
  5. You always wear your habit with pride and honor!
  6. You wear black trousers, club T-shirts and, if necessary, a black or dark jacket under your robe

Rules for the Cowl:

  1. Cowl is always mandatory (exceptions will be discussed specifically)
  2. The patch (crew emblem) on the cowl or other clothing is always presented with pride!
  3. Each candidate is only allowed to wear the club T-shirts.  


  1. Each member must own at least a motorcycle with at least 500 cc engine capacity.
  2. Can only be foreseen if a mission requires the use of another vehicle or in special situations that are agreed upon.
  3. For official events such as the Chappel or events with other MCs, a motorcycle is always mandatory! 


  1. The candidateship is not limited in time!
  2. A distinction must be made between the individual levels of candidates.
  3. Membership suggestions can come from individual members and entire chapters
  4. Individual members who make such a suggestion must look after the candidate in question and teach him the basic rules of the Blood Brother Illyrians. If you are not willing to share your time and knowledge with a candidate, you should not make suggestions. It’s simple things like „Don’t wear colors in the car.“
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